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Legal Training by Kosovo Law Center

KLC has extensive experience in providing legal training for different institutions and/or groups of individuals in Kosovo. The main activities are as follows:
Practical Legal Clinics
In its efforts to support the Law Faculty of University of Pristina (LFUP) and the Law Faculty of University of Mitrovica (LFUM), KLC has organised and conducted a number of Practical Legal Clinics.

These clinics emphasize the application of theoretical legal knowledge to practical problems and legal questions. Students develop their practical legal skills through the drafting of legal memoranda, such as indictments, verdicts and appeals. Clinics have been organized in three main modules: Criminal Law, Civil Law and Administrative Law, with lectures held at both LFUP and LFUM. During these clinics, students conduct mock trials, under the supervision of legal experts.
KLC also plans to extend its previous experience in organizing Practical Legal Clinics for LFUP by moving beyond the classroom, and involving Kosovo's legal institutions directly in the educational process. In this regard, KLC hopes to conclude agreements with institutions such as Courts, Public Prosecutors Offices, Chamber of Advocates, and Prisons, to host LFUP and LFUM students. This would provide law students the opportunity to experience what it is like to practice law in these institutions.

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Continuing Legal Education for Civil Servants
This project involves implementing legal education training for civil servants in Kosovo's municipalities, and assisting the municipalities in shaping and realizing their agenda for legislative local government reform. In order for good governance to take hold, it is crucial to foster more responsive, effective and efficient local administration. The CLE project is designed to provide a forum for discussing and addressing, and hopefully resolving some of the questions and difficulties that have arisen in the application of Kosovo's Administrative Law.
In implementing applicable administrative law the CLE project aims to focus on both an improvement of the theoretical legal knowledge of trainees and a development of their practical skills. The experts teaching the sessions were selected by KLC, and include Kosovar legal professionals such as law professors, layers and senior officers.
KLC plans to conduct approximately 96 sessions within ten modules on legal subjects such as Organization of Public Administration and Functions, Administrative Acts and Administrative Procedures, The Applicable Law on Civil Service in Kosovo, and Regulation No 36/2001and UNMIK/Regulation/2000/45 On Self-Government of Municipalities in Kosovo.
Currently, the project is being implemented with the active participation of the legal officers from 24 municipalities, and in close co-operation with The Kosovo Institute for Public Administration (KIPA) and the OSCE Democratisation Department.
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Legal training for the Kosovo Protection Corps
The Legal Training for the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) project helped provide KPC legal officers with basic information of constitutional law, human rights, humanitarian law, as well as other basic principles of the legal system.
Interactive training sessions focused on the key legal and human rights issues applicable to the duties and functions of the KPS. This training focused on the applicable law in Kosovo, and also included discussions and explanations of international law and principles applicable to the topic areas.
This project concluded in Summer 2003.
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